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Added: April 14, 2021

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Added: March 30, 2021

I was stationed at Sanford N.A.S. from March 1967 until March 1968. I was with RVAH-3. Enjoyed my time there.

Added: January 9, 2021

Myself and my daughter Have been part of the PV-1 Ventura restoration since 11/15/2016. We Loved every moment of assisting the team with restoring our big beautiful baby.(First operational aircraft assigned to NAS Sanford in 1942) She will soon be on display in terminal B of the orlando sanford international airport. :!brokenheart:

Added: March 11, 2019

I was raised in Sanford at the NAS. My Daddy, Lt. Robert Golden, was an A3D pilot who died while piloting his plane at Guantanamo. I was 2 years old, but I almost 60....remember his uniform....and him lifting me "high in the sky". When I was a toddler....and we heard an airplane...Mama would say, "...look up!!! It might be Daddy!"..... To this day....when I hear an airplane overhead....I look up......

Added: January 7, 2017

My dad, Chief Dale Fleming (Duff/Duffy) was stationed at NAS Sanford from 1964 to 1968 with VAH7 and then transferred to Albany GA when we were all moved. He died 20+ years ago but not before he moved back to central FL. He loved it there and is buried in Kissimmee. I have visited the memorial in Sanford twice with tears in my eyes each time. Thanks to those who did such a good job on the restoration or had a hand in any other aspect of this rememberence.

Added: October 22, 2016

I was in the very first AME school in Millington(Memphis), TN. First school was Aug., 29th, 1960. Reported for duty on 20 Nov., 1960 to NAS Sanford Fla., "HATRON"-13. I arrived early AM hours, reported to the duty O/D. Was told no such squadron was at Sanford. I was put in an old, empty wooden barracks by myself. A CPO came the next morning and told me Heavy 13 was to be formed soon. I was told I was the first one to report to Heavy 13 for duty. The chief gave me a chow pass and I never saw him again. I was in that barracks almost 2 weeks by my self before anyone else showed up and that was Joe Balut, ADJ striker.
I was with VAH-13 until my discharge in July, 1963 at NAS Whidbey Isl. Many fond memories of friends made. Don Jones, Joe Balut, Al Troester, Joe Brod and many more. VAH-13 went aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in Aug. of '61 in Norfolk as a part of CAG-11. We went around Cape Horn finally arriving in San Diego in Nov., then airlifted to NAS Whidbey.
In 2012, I connected with LT. Stan Balsley, who I flew with many times. He was also my Div. Ofcr. He was involved in a terrible accident in 1965 in Texas. In June of this year, I attended his memorial service in Morrisonville, ILL. Fine officer and friend.
Did two Far East cruises aboard the Hawk. 1961 and 1962-63. Would love to connect with any OLD shipmates. From what Mr. Balsley and others have said, Heavy 13 was transferred back to Sanford in late '63 and re-assigned as RVAH, what ever that was.
Hope to hear from you.....
One more thing, why is there no A3D at Sanford airport? Whidbey has one.

Added: July 29, 2016

Transferred from Iceland to NAS Sanford March 1958. Right away onboard FDR to Med with VAH11 as a plane captain with RDJones. Came back to Sanford to VAH 3 and third crew school. Back to Med as third few CDR Donnauds crew but was transferred to Lt Knutsons crew. CD-R Donnauds crew died in a crash at sea off coast tripoli one month after I joined Knutson. May 1961 bailed out over Crete after colliding back of FDR. VAH 11 lost 10 crewman in 1961. I decided not to take my Navcad offer and went to mortuary school. Sanford was the one of the best times in my life . Great people and great friends. 2012 went back and was dismayed that NAS had disappeared

Added: July 5, 2016

I had joined the Navy in 1960 and was sent to Memphis, TN for "A" School...then I was sent to Nas Sanford Supply...I was there from 1964 to 1968 when the base closed..

Added: July 4, 2016

My great Grandfather
He was in the U.S. Navy in 1954 stationed at Sanford Naval Air Station in Sanford, Florida. The base was used to train pilots for aircraft carrier based planes and support carrier operations. The Korean War had just been fought from 1950-1953 and the Cold War with the Soviet Union was going on. He was out of the military by 1957.

Added: June 3, 2016
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