The Sanford Airport Memorial Committee came together in March 2000 to help to preserve the Naval heritage of Naval Air Station Sanford and the city of Sanford, Florida.

We are located in Sanford,Florida at the site of Nas Sanford which is now Orlando-Sanford International Airport.

We are a group of volunteers that came together to establish a memorial park dedicated to all those who served in and supported the Naval squadrons that were assigned to the air station,and the families and friends that made Sanford their home.

We have accomplished phase one of our project by the completing the restoration of a North American RA-5C Vigilante,which is now on display in the park.Phase two is now underway which is the restoration of a WWII Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, that will be displayed in the Airport Terminal.

These aircraft represent the first and the last aircraft that were assigned to Nas Sanford.

SAMC Officers and Board of Directors:

Jack Dow - President
Patty Mahany - First Vice President
Randy Thompson - Second Vice President

Sean Mahany - Director of Aircraft Restoration

Donald Tise - Secretary
George Speake - Treasurer

Bob Curboy - Board Member
Bob Karas - Board Member
Louis Rotundo - Board Member


Jack Dow

Patty Mahany

Randy Thompson

  Sean Mahany
  Donald Tise
George Speake
Bob Curboy
Bob Karas
 Louis Rotundo

  Roger Wood